Day 8 of 12 Artisans of Christmas: Meet Juliana

Juliana is an artisan for The Haitian Bead Project in Savanette

When Juliana first joined The Haitian Bead Project she was pregnant with her third child.

She was so eager to be a part of the new group of women crafting beads out of recycled cardboard that she walked 40 minutes down the mountain to the church in Savanette in the hot afternoon sun. She would arrive 30 minutes late with beads of sweat trickling down her brow and a wide grin splashed across her face.

Juliana is the perfect mix of determination and grace.

She only missed one meeting with the Savanette artisans this past summer: the week she had her baby boy.


Juliana is not afraid to jump right into the work. She cuts recycled cardboard. She counts out supplies. She rolls beads.

She says the Evangelical church of Savanette has always been a place of refuge for her. At times, she has been persecuted for her faith. Her neighbors and family have not been kind because of her determination to worship God and attend the evangelical church. She shares that her confidence is in Christ. God has always provided for her needs.

Juliana rolls beads

As Juliana turns trash into treasure, she dreams. Of course, she wants to make a little money to provide for her three children. But she dreams bigger. One day she says she would like to open her own little grocery store up in the mountains where she lives.


  1. Hello
    I find your project interested, I partner with a Jewelry Designer that is in Need of Paper Beads. My company is looking for Artisan Groups to add to its growing Network so that it can respond to large quantity of orders that we be receiving from our client.
    Please let me know where do you operate in Haiti, so maybe a visit can be possible.
    Jean Felix Moise

    • kgdesign says:

      I’m sorry. We are not selling paper beads on their own right now. We just sell the jewelry and other products already completed. This preserves the uniqueness of our artisans’ work. Thanks for your interest!

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